Pagan Pride Family Programming

2017 Family Programming Presenters & Workshops

Emily Griffith: is the oldest of five children and was raised in the forested mountains of East Tennessee by her mother, aunts, and grandmother. She learned many skills through the use of crafts both at home and at the local Girl Scout Camp, Camp Tanasi. She likes passing on those same skills, and may be a few other ones, with children of all ages, and even a few kids at heart. She currently lives in Northeast Ohio and can be found reading both books and tarot, volunteer-ing with local groups as a historical reenactor, or being a pharmacy tech.


Keli Bean-Yeater: is an Eclectic Heritage Witch who has been married to Phillip for 33 years and have 8 children. My family brought the Craft to the US in the late 1800’s. I have extensive experi-ence in education, herbal and natural medicine, and am an accomplished seamstress.

Poppets: This workshop is making poppets with the kids to help with a myriad of issues. We make poppets to help with bad dreams, to help healing from the loss of a pet or person, or for any positive manifestation that one would sleep on. Materials are provided, recommended for ages 10 – 17.

Grounding for Children: This teaches elementary aged children how to deal with extra stress by completing a grounding ceremony for themselves. It is very basic, but can be expanded upon depending upon the age of the child. Recommended for ages 8+.



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